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    Photoshop CC Hard Round Brush is basically a razor wire fence...


      Hey all


      I recently got new parts fitted in my PC (an SSD & a GTX1070) and I've encountered a few issues since then, first of all my tablet didn't even work but that's all sorted now, so I booted up photoshop as I wanted to do some doodling and -something- has happened.


      Below is my brush strokes now, my hardness alternating throughout each one but you can see that the brush stroke is basically on a grid no matter what zoom I'm on apart from 100%.



      Below is how my doodles used to look, there's no patchy bits on curves and it's generally better in my opinion.

      Another real good lookin Zul.PNG

      The image above was zoomed in by the time I captured the image (being captured before I exchanged parts,) my Tablet is plugged into my CPU as it always had been but somethings happened, any help would be appreciated!