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    Let’s Talk Implementation: Streamlining Customer Data & Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

    kirti.rawat Adobe Employee


      Implementations are very critical to the success of any platform strategy. A lot of tech roadblocks arise due to gaps in implementation and integrations.

      Let’s Talk Implementation is a series that will expose you to the different ways in which our customers are realizing value from their tools through proper implementation.


      Here is case from a Media & Entertainment Client.


      Our client wanted help in streamlining data to:

      • Generate holistic insights from all digital properties
      • Extract data-sets for offline processing of KPI’s with native systems
      • Collect information based on Device ID’s instead of App ID’s (as App IDs can be unavailable)
      • Enhance information from behavioral data using custom code
      • Enhance capabilities for Adobe Audience Manager with native integration


      Our recommendation was centered around revisiting their digital strategy, that included:

      • Implementing DTM across all platforms and devices for accurate estimates.
      • Tracking websites and mobile applications to generate real-time traces from customers
      • Merging data sets from all buckets and de-duplicating them for unique information 


      Building on our experiences with similar clients, we have created the Adobe Analytics implementation guides that serve as a one stop shop for all implementation needs.
      For more information, refer to the following threadhttps://forums.adobe.com/thread/2361810