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    Something for the weekend - Part 2 - What Lies Beneath?

    davescm Adobe Community Professional

      Following on from the great responses to last week's fun Photoshop challenge, I have a new one for this weekend


      This is the Canning Dock in Liverpool, UK. That strange building on the left is the Longitude building and is not an artefact of my lens but it actually is built like that. When took the picture I liked the reflections but I wonder what it would look like if the water was crystal clear or if the dock was drained altogether? What would we see?


      As with last week :

      Anything goes as long as it meets the forum rules on decency, copyright etc.

      Anyone is welcome to have a go - whether you are a complete beginner or a Photoshop legend.

      There are no prizes - just the chance to practice / show off or bring a bit of humour and fun.


      As requested, I've posted the image at a bit higher resolution this week, as it can help with composites. When posting back your edited images please downsize to 1500px on the long side.

      To download, right click and Save Image As / Save Picture As (or similar depending on your browser)







      (If anyone wants to take a look at last weekend's submissions - they are here Something for the weekend ?

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