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    Dreamweaver Crashes - Support Options

    Jolene K Jones

      1/9 I posted a question regarding Dreamweaver crashing



      1/12 I get a response advising get in touch via contact bump - Re: Dreamweaver Crashes

      I go through all the prompts and get sent right back here with this forum as the only option for support even though I am paying a monthly subscription which to me looks like I should have phone, chat and forum support according to this.
      What are my contact options?


      Forum Post from 1/9

      I have avoided using Dreamweaver at all because of all the crashes.

      My older computer and slow internet may be in part to blame, however I really want to go back to using DW. I am wondering what is the most stable.

      I have CS5.5 and currently paying for a CC subscription that I cannot use due to the crashes.  Looking for advise as if I should simply drop the CC subscription and go back to CS5.5 or ? 


      1/12 - Yesterday I removed my webassist extensions and used

      Dreamweaver 5.5 VS 11.5 Build 5315


      I am using Windows 7 Pro with 8 GB RAM, 64 bit operating system Intel Core i7-2620 CPU 2.70 GHZ





      I also experienced a word wrap error that came up and I had to dismiss it numerous times in a row before it went away.


      I really like all the features in dreamweaver and the webassist tools.  IF it would help I could run CC on one system without the webassist tools and CS.5 on another computer with the webassist tools.  This would be more efficient that constant crashes. 


      Please advise on my crashing issue as well as limited support options.

      Thank You,