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    Error 213:11 A problem has occured with the licensing of this product

    paulr30727074 Level 1

      Hi all,


      Running Photoshop CC 2017 on a networked PC with corporate license. I get the error 213:11 "A problem has occurred with licensing of this product", and asking me to restart. Problem continues.


      If I log in as local administrator to this PC the problem goes away. If another user (with standard rights, equivalent to those of my standard network profile) logs in to this machine they don't get the licensing error.


      It only happens on my standard network profile logging in to this machine.


      I have tried deleting my local profile, but on logging back in, the problem remains.


      I have tried the fixes suggested on this forum and none of them have worked.


      So....I'm pretty stumped. It's clearly something to do with my local profile, perhaps the Windows registry, but who knows? Someone may have an idea, why just one profile generates the error on this PC, and why it happens even after the local profile has been completely deleted.


      Would be very grateful for any ideas.