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    Visitor inside a visit

    lukep46736873 Level 1



      I didn't think this was possible until I created a segment and there was data in it.


      Why does this work and what is the difference between this and if it was set to Visitor?




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          Edison Lai Level 2

          Hi lukep,

          Actually,When it set to visit that mean only this visit journey data. while it set to visitor that mean many time visit journey data.

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            Gigazelle Adobe Employee

            If you have a broader container nested inside a narrower container (e.g. a visitor container nested within a visit container), it should behave identically to its parent container. In other words, if you nested a visitor container in a visit container, the visitor container should behave exactly like a visit container.


            If you are seeing behavior that indicates otherwise, please post an example and I'd be happy to discuss it further!