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    Screen Brightness

    FroDar52 Level 1

      So I've read alot and have seen a bunch of videos and have been using LR and Photoshop desktop for years, and use a SpyderPro 5 for my monitors calibrations. But my android screen is the way it is, and it's not too bad, (LG V20 if that matters) but what is the consensus when editing  indoors for brightness? I'm feeling like 100% is right. Is that the norm?

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your reference for white is paper white - that's the only possible reference. Monitor white should be a close visual match to paper white. That usually means you need to dial monitor brightness considerably down.


          Look at a print - or a piece of white paper - in what you consider good lighting. That's the white you want to see on screen.


          No numbers or specifics can be given for this, because your perception depends on ambient light and environment right down to application interface. This is all about what works. If you make a good print and it matches what you see on screen - it's right.


          If you use a calibrator, a measured white point of 120 cd/m² is often cited as a good starting point for "average" conditions, whatever they are. But anything between 80 and and 160 is fine as long as it produces that match from screen to print.