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    Could not save copy as jpg because it exceeds the 0 bytes limit for saving jpg files

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      I have a large number of TIFF images that need to be converted to JPEG images. I am using Bridge to do that. I did the following necessary steps:


      • In Bridge, I opened the first TIFF image in Photoshop.
      • I created a new action.
      • While the action is recording, I saved the file as a JPEG in a new folder, image quality at 8, then closed the file. (I reopen it to stop the recording and then delete the last phase "Open").


      Now, I am about to batch the rest of the TIFF images to be saved as JPEG:


      • I select all the images.
      • I go to Tools>Photoshop>Batch.
      • The dialog box comes up and the only thing I adjust is the folder destination.


      But this error comes up:



      Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.15.39 AM.png


      I looked everywhere and can't find a solution. The message in the dialog box makes no sense either.


      Any help?