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    Error #2032

    xillavencius Level 1


      I was browsing the same site for 3 days and it was completely fine.

      Until I updated the new version of Flash Player today.

      "Error #2032" message appeared whenever I tried to browse a website that requires Flash Player.

      And then I was going to uninstall the Flash Player so I can re-install it again,

      but I couldn't find the "Flash Player" on my Computer App & Feature list.

      Can somebody help me fix this problem?


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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          This is an issue on the content side.  The content provider has most likely broken their website.


          From: Run-Time Errors - Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3) API Reference


          Error 2032 is a Stream Error, meaning that the content points to a resource on the network that isn't available.  If the resource was available, it would work.


          Flash Player is a built-in component of IE and Edge on Windows 10 and higher.  There's no standalone Flash Player.  It's literally built into the browser.  There's nothing to uninstall/reinstall, but it would almost certainly not help in this instance if you could.