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    How to retain headers and footers when converting PDF to DOC?

    Jonathan Neal



      I have utilized the "Add Header and Footer" feature to create my header and footer. However, when I export the PDF to a word file, either a DOC or DOCX, the headers and footers that I added do not appear! Does anyone know how to retain headers and footers when converting PDF to DOC / DOCX ?


      In case you want some background info on my project, I generated a PDF with my custom DITA OT plugin, but I also want to generate a word file of this same project. The best solution seemed to be Adobe Acrobat's export feature. I just need a way to get properly working headers and footers into the doc file, looking the same as the PDF. They have to go into Word's designated space for headers and footers so that their contents don't shift up and down when people type. I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions, please do let me know!


      ( At present, the headers and footers from my plugin transformation simply go into the flowing content in the word file. I plan to remove them and do the headers and footers in Acrobat instead, if this is possible. )