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    Screen Recording with Multiple Monitors - Program Pop Ups

    meghanw78815947 Level 1

      I'm using Captivate 8 on Windows 10. I have three monitors. I have a video that I'm recording for captivate on monitor 3 and I'm continuing to work through other tasks on monitors 1 and 2. Monitor 2 is my main display. Before I start my video demo, I double check that all programs that I have opened are defaulting to monitors 1 and 2 rather than the 3. However, dialog boxes from programs running on monitors 1 and 2 still pop up monitor 3 and I have to start the recording over. Example: I'm working on a Word document on monitor 2. When I open up my paragraph menu to adjust fonts/settings, the pop up appears on 3 even though the program is on 2 thus ruining my video.