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    applescript that works in PS CC 2015 won’t compile in 2017

    DCardillo_PRH Level 1

      I have an AppleScript that rasters PDFs as TIFFs. It works. I just can’t edit it. When I open it, the Photoshop commands are in Raw format, with double angle brackets, as if the dictionary is missing. (I have the dictionary — it’s open and I’m looking at it.)


      If I tell it to use the CS6 dictionary (the only other installed version I have) it works.


      [apparently I can’t make a post that includes the code]


      This is the weird part: If I quit Photoshop (2017), then recompile the script, it appears normally.


      Then, after I launch Photoshop again, if I try to compile the script one more time, with PS open I get: "Syntax Error Expected class name but found identifier.” with “PDF” after “open my file as…” highlighted.


      As I said, I’ve got the dictionary for 2017 open, and I’m looking at it, as well as the “Photoshop CC Scripting Guide (2015)” (the last one they made) to see what I’m doing wrong, or if the code changed, and I’m writing it exactly as it says to.


      If I don’t touch anything, and just run the script, it works like it’s supposed to.


      Except now of course I want to add a line, and I can’t.


      I’m thinking maybe there’s some scripting additions file for this version of PS that didn’t get updated when we moved from 2015 to 2017. I’m looking for any suggestions as to where I can start looking.