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    How does DTM send tracking to GA account?

    cathyw49544988 Level 1

      I added the GUA tool as one of the installed tools. But I didn't do anything on the rule level yet. I thought we only have a empty container for GUA. All the rules won't send data to GA account. But actually we saw data from DTM. I am wandering in this case, what kind of data DTM is sending to GA? Any good document / video on how to setup GUA in DTM?



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          joshd7227840 Experience Cloud MVP

          When you add UA on a Tool level, by default DTM outputs the UA library and page view tracking on every page load, even when no Page Load Rules (PLR) are in place.


          If you do not want UA to load on certain pages, you can create a PLR with condition(s) to identify the pages (e.g. a URL path) and then within Google Universal Analytics tool section of the PLR, there is a checkbox labeled "Don't load Google Universal Analytics on these pages" that you can check.


          So in other words, by default everything is whitelisted and you can create PLR(s) to blacklist pages.


          If you want the reverse, where by default every page is blacklisted and you specify pages for it to trigger on (whitelist), then you must implement UA as a Javascript / Third Party Tag within a PLR instead of on a Tool level.