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    Lightroom Classic CC disabled despite active subscription


      First, I'm a newbie to this forum and was not even sure what terms to search by, so if this problem is answered before I apologize.


      Some weeks ago I Started my Lightroom Classic CC and the "white web login" appeared, only to send me into an infinite loop. I was determined to work with my photos that afternoon so after some research, trying to log out and In again, I got the impression that this was a temporary error, so in this Creative Cloud window (see below) I selected Trial and hoped that what seemed to be a temporary issue would solve itself.


      However, now as you can see, the trial is expired, and regardless of my user has an active plan, it seems my LR Classic CC does not know and my modules except for library are disabled. What is weird is that as you can see my subscription which includes Photoshop C, LR CC and LR Classic CC only Photoshop CC is available for installation (and "in sync" with my plan, the last two is not. )


      Any advice would be great!