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    New to Lightroom: Should I use Classic or CC?

    TomHu Level 1

      Hi, I'm considering moving over from Aperture to Lightroom. I'm a new user, so I'm a bit confused by the two Lightroom versions available: CC and Classic CC.


      I don't really care about cloud features, I have way too many photos to make cloud storage financially feasible. I just want a good post-processor and organizer for the tens of thousands of photos (mostly RAW) I have. Also, if there's a way to import photos from Aperture/Apple Photos over to Lightroom, that would be a big plus.


      So, if I'm just getting started with Lightroom (but not photography), which version should I choose?


      From what I've read, seems like Classic is more stable and has more features. It's hard to predict how Adobe will continue down this path of maintaining two versions of Lightroom. One of them is obviously the "favorite" for Adobe, which means it'll get all the attention while the other languishes. I'm guessing the one that will get the latest, coolest new features will be LR CC, and then they will get around to maybe adding those same features to LR Classic.


      Would love to get any input on this, thanks!