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    Illustrator document duplicate lines show darker in InDesign



      I have been working in InDesign today and put some Illustrator drawings I have been working on for a long time in the InDesign document, and realized that in places where there are duplicate lines in Illustrator, the lines actually show darker in InDesign. This is not something that is visible in Illustrator. I have tried placing the actual ai files in Illustrator, as well as PDF versions, but the problem persists. These are pretty complex drawings, so going in and removing all of the duplicate lines would be a huge pain in the neck. Does anyone know how to address this? I thought it might be fixed in the overprint preview, but that makes ALL of the lines darker. My line weights range from about 0.25 to 1. I am very irritated because I have spent a lot of time carefully line-weighting my drawings, so I would like that to show accurately in InDesign. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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