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    Captivate 2017 and version control (git etc.)

    Paul B. Adams

      Is there any way to use git to for version control of Captivate 2017 projects? 

      We have multiple projects, project versions, and geographically dispersed ID team. We need an efficient way to keep track of changes, project versions and edit conflicts.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Stagprime Level 2

          I am not a GIT expert, however, we use GIT where I work - not for Captivate projects, but other projects - but I guess I don't see why it could not be used.

          Do multiple people work on a local copy of the same CPTX file at the same time?

          That would seem really problematic to me.

          For us, GIT is not a working space but a storage space. Files are worked on locally and then updated to GIT.


          Your team would need to work out the details of the standard operating procedures as it relates to how you need to do business.


          In my position, I seldom need to utilize GIT so I cannot speak to all the features.

          In our workflow - creators can all post to GIT and those with permissions can pull but we only have the original creator of a particular project update that project in GIT.

          Each creator is responsible for keeping up to date their own projects. All others can download and use a file but if changes are made, they must be sent to the original creator for updating GIT.

          Also, if changes are needed - I don't make the change myself - I inform the original creator of the project of my recommendations and we proceed from there.

          We have three people using Captivate where I work and while we are happy to support each other - we don't touch someone else's CPTX file - at least not without them over our shoulder. We publish to a common location and provide a URL. Others give us feedback and we go and update. We don't even start versioning Until the first one is official on the LMS and to be honest, the LMS takes care of that - not us.


          Have you looked that the features list of GIT? Link below.

          Features For collaborative coding - developers work better, together | GitHub · GitHub


          Hopefully that helps a little bit.