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    LR will not let me change the color label on multiple images. Also having trouble with using the arrow key to move through the images.


      I highlight several images, then click on set color label, and choose a color.  Only one of those images will change.  If I un-highlight the group, and highlight just one, it changes that one's color label, and removes the color label from another one.  Something has stopped working correctly.


      Usually I can highlight an image, such as the first one in the grid, and then use the arrow key to move to the next one.  Or I can use the strip at the bottom to move through images that are full screen.  This has stopped working the way it should


      I do not know if these two issues are connected, but they both started happening around the same time.  I have not intentionally made any changes to preferences or other set-ups, but that doesn't mean something did not get changed!


      Also, I recently started using a Wacom tablet for editing, and have been programming the pen keys and the express keys.  But this problem is occurring with both the mouse and the pen [ both when using the tablet and when not using the tablet ].


      If anyone knows what might be going on, please let me know.  It might be a setting, and if I know what to look for I can check and see if that is the problem!