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    Photoshop is exporting content outside of canvas...


      I'm wildly confused. I've used this programs years and have never come across this issue. I must has tweaked my setting somewhere. But where? It's most likely so simple and I'll look like an idiot in the end, but it'll be worth it.


      Whenever I have exported files from my project, only the visible area on my canvas is included on my final file. But now, the whole original image is there. What the heck?


      Here is it. Canvas with about 40% of my original photo visible. The way I like it, and the way I want it to export.

      I go to export, and the whole *******' photo is there:

      I've cropped the image with the "delete cropped pixels" function on too, and the stupid thing still shows up.


      I know I'm overlooking something. Community, please help


      Many thanks!