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    Color picker in other values




      I was wondering if it is possible to changes the way the color picker in Lightroom shows values. It currently shows RGB values in percentages, but I would like to see the real values.
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          richardplondon Level 4

          If you want to see numbers that relate to a particular output usage (such as, previewing what numbers you WOULD get if you happened to export this particular image, edited as it currently is, to sRGB) then you can soft-proof the image (S key shortcut) selecting that particular output colour space in the panel at top right of Develop.


          The colour numbers you'll see if you've soft-proofed to a particular printer/paper profile are not very helpful; but those you'll see when soft-proofing for a standard colourspace such as sRGB might be more so (such as, in meeting specifications for how a client's logo should appear according to that particular colour system).


          Otherwise these % figures still ARE "real" and repeatable: being colour coordinates within a systematic and objectively meaningful colour system - Lightroom's own internal colour space.


          One benefit is that each image displayed within Develop that is not individually soft-proofed

          • regardless of what colour system (or Raw data) might be involved in the input format of that photo
          • regardless of what (potential) colour system or systems might later be involved in outputting that photo

          always shows colour values that are consistent and usage-neutral.

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