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    Printing vs. Online PDF Interactive


      Sorry, if this question has been answered previously. 


      I am creating a newsletter using Indesign.  We plan to print out the newsletter for distribution and we plan to create an online interactive version with hyperlinks.


      Is it possible to have only one .INDD file so that I can printout the newsletter without hyperlinks formatting but still have hyperlinks in the .INDD file for the creation of the interactive verision via the Export function to PDF?  Do I have to create two separate .INDD files?  Is there a button that easily lets you toggle between a version with and without hyperlinks and hyperlinks formatting?





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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Have you thought of using Adobe Publish Online (it comes with InDesign CC2017/2018) for your digital version. It can include hyperlinks, and more, and it can include a facility for users to download a PDF version so they can print it out themselves – maybe saving you the bother producing a printed version!

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            Barak999 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  Due to the nature of our business, physical therapy, we still need have a printed out version.  Many of our clients are not tech savvy and it is always useful for marketing purposes to have a hard copy in physician waiting rooms. 

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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              Even though the printed version obviously won't have live hyperlinks, it's worth maybe having them in a different colour so readers can see the links so they know they exist for when they are online. You can set up a hyperlink style that doesn't have underlines but perhaps another colour from the rest of the text.


              But if you want to keep the same color as the text, set up a Character style for the hyperlinks and have them in (say) blue for the PDF version and just change them to black in the Character Styles for the print version, it will take a second for them all to change throughout  the document..

              (Make sure you work in RGB color mode for the whole document.)


              You can export a version for printing using the InDesign Adobe PDF Presets such as PDF/X-4.

              You can then export the same document for PDF circulation. I usually export as a High Quality Print PDF and then save it as a Reduced Size PDF to get the best of quality and size.

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                rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                (Make sure you work in RGB color mode for the whole document.)

                A document where all colors and swatches are RGB could create problems on an offset press. Black text would convert to 4-color and there would be registration problems.


                On export you can choose to convert CMYK to RGB—in fact Interactive PDF export converts all color to sRGB. So at the very least you would want to setup the primary document for print with the default [Black] or text black as CMYK, along with any other swatches you want to build and protect left as CMYK.

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