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    Could not apply the workspace because the disk is not available.


      CC Photoshop is not saving my workspace preferences as I close files.  I am using a Mac version 10.12.6.  I can save files, but as I close the files afterward I get this error. 


      I am the administrator and I have gone through and changed/checked that the rights to my various folders are set to read/write, but I am still getting this error.  I bought a backup drive and have saved files to it as well and still get this error upon closing files.


      As well I am getting the error "Could not save preferences because the file is locked, you do not have necessary access permissions, or another program is using the file".



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          I do not use a mac.  It sound to me thought is may a permissions problem. Check the folders permission settings for all users inclunding administrators. What other application would be locking the file you are trying to write.  They are a Phototoshop's version user files.  Do you have more then one copy of the same Photosho version running. Is that posible on a Mac it is not on a windows machine.


          Does closing a file write anything to the file.   I would think it close would just free up resources and unlock the backing file if locked.  Photoshop is not a file editor it edits dicuments and a document may have a backing file if opened from a file or a file has beem saved.