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    Lightroom exports additional keyword with image that I haven't listed


      Hello... every time I export my image with keywords in Lightroom 6 it adds the keyword "Transportation". I had used the keyword for a number of photos but now it adds that keyword to every single photo that I export along with the list of keywords that I have attached to the photo in the keyword box of the Library. In the Metadata spot in the export images window I've only checked "write keywords as Lightroom hierarchy". Is there a place in Lightroom that has "default passwords to export" or where "Transportation" is selected to export with every image? I'm not finding any place where I can select keywords to be universally exported with all images but "transportation" seems to have been tagged as one... any ideas?.One thing that I just noticed is that under the keyword List in the library, "Transportation" is listed as a keyword but almost every single key word is listed as a sub-keyword of "Transportation" and to the left of the word "Transportation" is a little box and when you put the cursor over it it says "click to add this keyword to select photos", but the is unchecked... any ideas? .. thanks...