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    Prints are muddy with Imac late 2015


      I am hoping you guys can help.

      I upgraded my late 2012 Imac to a late 2015 Imac and am having Print issues. I did not have these issues with the 2012.



      IMac late 2017

      workstation is the same no lighting changes

      photoshop cc

      bridge cc

      I am currently calibrated with color munki


      White point is D50

      luminance 80



      the problem is viewing the image inside of photoshop and camera raw  it looks color correct. Viewing the image on the IMac preview it is muddy grey and not appealing at all. I upload images to the off sight printing company and I get back that nasty muddy print. My color profile they want is Srgb.


      I have tried calibrating to the nasty print image. (Making my screen look like their image and I am still not getting what I see ONLY inside photoshop And camera raw.


      I cant seem to get print even inside the ball park as far as color and luminance goes.