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    How to properly select colors (newbie)


      Hey Guys,


      I have a plain white map with county lines pre-drawn. I'm working on a project where I color code counties with various colors whether they're existing business, 2018 growth opportunity, competitive business, etc. I started this project a few months ago on a free trial photoshop account and it worked great. I selected the color that I wanted in the upper left and then I used the "paint bucket" tool to drop a given color into the appropriate county.


      I purchased a photoshop license today to start this project back up. However, regardless of whether I select light green, dark green, blue, yellow, or any other color, when I use the "paint bucket" to drop the color into a given county, it is now just showing up as a varying shade of grey.


      Any ideas why this might be happening?


      Thank you! I appreciate any assistance.