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    How can I add a graphic at the beginning of the video?

    Daniel Ulysses Level 1


      I'm soooooooo new to Premiere Pro, actually, this is my first time ever that I try to do something on this program.
      Well, I found some videos on youtube about color correction and how to put a logo on the video, still needs

      lots of work but the logo is there.

      Well, how can I add a graphic at the beginning and the end of the video?
      I want to put the logo or information at the start and maybe the same

      thing at the end but I cannot move the video for the love of god :-)

      I have Premier Pro 2018 and I'm working on a Mac, not sure if need it this information but there it is.


      All help will be appreciated lots, so please .... HELPPPPPPP :-)


      P.S.  Any tips about the best tutorials, the easy ones, about transitions, fades, sound quality, etc,
      will add to my help and will be gladly paid by the creator if you know what I mean :-)



      Second P.S. my name is dan and English is my second language so be nice with my writing and verb sentences