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    How do I get photos to sync?

    Raven789 Level 1

      HI, I recently downloaded a free trial of lightroom CC to test out. I have been trying to load photos onto it for two days now and they are not syncing. I have tried restarting the sync process, restarting lightroom, uploading a smaller amount of photos, double checking the internet connection/cardreader/card condition/computer (tonnes of space etc. every other application is working smoothly)

      Am I missing something? It seems absurd that uploading 350 photos could take two days- this app has great reviews and I was stoked to try it currently seems like it takes more time then its worth.

      Any advice? Are there other reasons photos don't sync?


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          Just trying to figure this out myself.




          1. In detail make color corrections or any other changes you'd like to make.

          2. highlight that photo and go to: photo>copy edit settings (ctrl + c on pc)

          3. In detail, highlight and hold shift down to select the other images you'd like to make the adjustments to in the filmstrip.

          3. go to: photo>paste edit settings (ctrl + v)



          after doing this a few times. i just hit the arrow to the next photo and hit paste. the multiple sync is taking to long. it my be my computer though.

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            It is impossible to such metadata changed in Lightroom CC to LightroomClassicCC.

            The only thing that synchs, is the changes in the photo.


            NO metadata is synched: no change of date, no stars - simply nothing.

            I think, Adobe does know but is not able to repair that! I sat here for multiple hours and nothing worked.

            Just look at the Adobe description. You see, they don't know, how it should work.


            So Lightroom cc is useless!

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              Neox99 Level 4


              So Lightroom cc is useless!



              Not by a VERY long shot is it 'useless'.


              Version 1.1 (Classic is in version 7.1 and a decade old) may be 'useless' to you but I, and 10,000s of others, find it quite useful!