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    Autosave files using Windows Vista and Reader 10.0


      I edited a large document for a week in Adobe Reader 10.0. I saved regularly to the original filename. I then closed the file and Adobe removed it (and another document open with it) immediately from the recent document list. I can see large files in the temp folder which clearly represent saved versions of these files. There is nothing in the Autosave folder under users/appdata/local/adobe/10.0. There was no autosave set by me, indeed, since I was saving regularly. Where is the default autosave and how can I get this crucial file, worth more than a week of constant work, back? The file was sent to me in a zip file and I stored it on an external hard drive, which I was saving back to, since it was very large. The file appears not to have been overwritten at all still bearing its original creation date - and yet Reader never prompted me for any 'save as' route and consistently appeared to save the file as I asked it to.

      If this is an Adobe fault, it is a very serious one and the company should fix it now. The changes were annotations. There must be a way to open or view the temp files' content. Can any Adobe staff reading this please advise how I can access the data in the temp files, since this appears the only data saved?