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    Needing Help With Color Profiles in the Adobe Suite...


      Hey Adobe Community! I really have no other place to turn to anymore, so I apologize in advance if this has been posted somewhere...but I've been reading for hours now with no clear solution and I am ready to pull the plug.


      It all began when I bought a brand new laptop...The MSI Stealth Pro 63VR (Specs and more system info at the bottom). I purchased this laptop with the idea of doing my editing when I'm away from my desktop in Photoshop and Premiere since it's a beast! However...the colors always seemed a lot more saturated and more vibrant than my other laptop. So...I went out and got myself a Spyder5Express color calibrator to fix everything once and for all...but little did I know...the can of worms had just been opened...


      I first calibrated the IPS display using DisplayCAL since I heard it was superior to the Datacolor software from Spyder, but every singly profile I created using DisplayCAL gave me a weird red tint in my screen for clearly inaccurate colors. I tried everything and was unable to get a good profile out of it. So I used the Datacolor software and now everything seems calibrated and looks beautiful! Problem solved with the calibration as far as I know, if anyone has any ideas about DisplayCAL please enlighten me


      Now, (and these are what I cannot figure out for the life of me) I am having issues with figuring out what color profiles to use and export in Photoshop and how that carries over to Premiere. I edited an entire image in Photoshop, and when the PNG export window came up with the preview, everything was grossly over-saturated! The orange turned straight red. In the preview, if I enable "Embed Color Profile" everything seems to look good until I view the exported PNG on a platform which doesn't support the embedded CP (AKA...viewing the exported PNG in my photo viewer looks red and crappy, but if I open the image in Firefox set to Color management value 1, the image matches the Photoshop variant)


      So this seems to make sense to me...my image has a color profile that some programs do not honor and that is kind of out of my control, but here's one of my questions: Is there a way I can match up the colors in my Photoshop workspace, with the export preview, with the final export so that they all look at least close to similar without the minor technical differences? I am so confused as to if I use the calibrated ICC profile on my display, or the default sRGB profile...and which profile to use the PSD landscape in the color settings, and what my export settings should be.


      The second issue is with Premiere. It appears that Premiere doesn't have the capability to honor the embedded color profile in my images? So all of my images get that crappy red-looking orange in premiere which carries over to the export. How do I get the proper colors I was editing in Photoshop with to carry over to premiere without any change of colors in the editing landscape or the final H.264 export?


      Honestly at this point, any help is greatly appreciated so thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and offers and help whatsoever with this

      Specs: * 1080P IPS Display *Spyder5 Express Color Calibrator *6700K W/ Intel Integrated Graphics *GTX 1060 6GB *16GB DDR4 RAM *Windows 10 Home (Fresh Install without crappy MSI Bloatware)