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    How can I create a simple button in Animate similar to an Edge Animate button?

    JerryPF Level 1

      I've successfully created buttons with Adobe Edge Animate and published to .oam. The button changes with 'mouseover' and 'mousedown'. On 'mousedown' the audio file plays. Moving the mouse away and it reverts to the initial state. I import the .oam into Muse, and everything works as expected in Safari. I even attach an .ogg audio file as well as the .mp3.


      Unfortunately Edge Animate struggles to work with the latest versions of Mac OS, so I've tried to replicate the same button and states in Adobe Animate.


      The default for making a button creates 4 states 'Up', 'Over', 'Down' and 'Hit'. I've successfully added the audio and published to .oam, imported into Muse and reviewed in Safari. The result is a button that changes colour with over and down, plays the audio but doesn't change colour when I move the mouse out. If I click the button several times it plays the audio several times.


      I tried importing a graphic to the timeline and adding code snippets to successive keyframes. The button looked ok in Muse, but the preview in Safari was totally blank.


      I'm sure there must be a simple solution, and I'd greatly appreciate any help.


      Thank you.