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    Alle Fotos haben plötzlich einen Grünstich



      Fotos bearbeitet, alles o.k. Lightroom geschlossen und neu geöffnet. Nun hat die Anzeige aller Fotos einen Grünstich (nur die Fotos, nicht das Drumherum). Die Fotos selbst sind alle o.k. (im Explorer angeschaut). Selbst der Export produziert korrekte Fotos. Wie bekomme ich den Grünstich weg?

      Viele Dank für Hinweise!

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          Edited photos, everything OK Lightroom closes and reopens. Now, the display of all photos has a greenish tint (only the photos, not the trappings). The photos themselves are (look in the Explorer) all OK. Even the export produces correct photos. How do I get the Green cast away?

          This is probably caused by a defective monitor profile, delivered by a Windows update. Windows Explorer doesn't use the monitor profile, so it is unaffected by the bad profile.

          Try setting the monitor profile to sRGB (Adobe RGB if you have a wide gamut monitor).

          If this fixes the problem, you should ideally calibrate your monitor with a hardware calibrator, which will create a monitor profile that accurately describes your monitor.


          Go to Control Panel > Color Management.

          Add the sRGB profile, then set it as default. Make sure that Use my settings for this device is checked.

          Lightroom has to be restarted to become aware of the new profile.