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    How do I remove all adobe apps?

    Maysun1234 Level 1

      Since I don't have the money anyway to pay for 'subscriptions' on Photoshop and such, I want to remove all applications from my pc. I would rather buy an OLD pc and use an OLD version than this new stuff that requires login, takes up all computer space, comes with unwanted add ons and is impossible to remove or even ask questions about to staff (since you have to select all kind of subjects that are not applicable, then are forwarded to only 'chat' as an option which is not really an option because they are closed).


      Because of this user unfriendliness I am completely done with it.


      But HOW HOW HOW HOW? (Sorry I am frustrated)


      When I click on REMOVE, another screen is opened with a list of installed applications and without the option of REMOVAl. Only option to update, 'buy now' or 'more info'. I suppose I have to install another UNINSTALL programma because Windows has made a deal with Photoshop to make it impossible to remove it? What the hell?

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          angie_taylor Adobe Community Professional

          You need to uninstall but going into the Creative Cloud app and selecting “Uninstall” for the apps you want to remove. Then uninstall the CC app too.


          Alternatively there is a cleaner tool. This should remove everything in a one-er


          Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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            timo66369185 Level 1

            I have having the same type of issues. The adobe cleaner tool does absolutely nothing as tons of users have mentioned. Why is there not a CC uninstaller that uninstalls everything CC related... registry keys, configs, preferences etc. How hard is it to create this tool when you are ADOBE of all companies.

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              Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

              the cleaner does work in Windows and does remove every thing if that is the option you select... I agree the instructions for using it cmd command could be better but thats more a Windows issue than Adobe

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                Maysun1234 Level 1

                Unfortunateley not. This tool always mentions it cannot uninstall because

                some app or element of Adobe is still in use. Besides ut us ridiculous

                people cannot deinstall within the regular Windows functionality.


                Anyway having to depend on a paid subscription for apps that take up all

                computer space, that tou gav to login for every time and are impossible to

                fully remove makes it clear i dont want to use Photoshop anymore. I will

                get another com*uter running an okd windows xp or something and install an

                old photosho version on it. And never install the new ps again.*

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                  andrest70906268 Level 1

                  I can't believe I had to download a program in 2018 to uninstall this POS malware you call software.


                  Tried to uninstall through windows and the Creative Cloud software forced me to sign in, and update every piece of adobe software and then crashes before it even allows me to get to an uninstall screen.


                  I hope your company finally dies this decade.

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                    toastf35653968 Level 1

                    Its unbelievable. Adobe, I hope you rot in hell with punitive legal fines for this. I've been a professional since version 3 of PS-and your app has reached the depths of bloated malware for forcing users to login to uninstall your application. I loathe you with all my breath.

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                      Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                      You can uninstall Adobe software without a problem from the tools your OS provides you. Those tools normally do not a full uninstall and there are always junks of config data and may be even executables left over for reasons unknown to me. But the complexity of today’s OSs is that, that even the OS provider does not know how to handle a clear uninstall.


                      Adobe designed a tool to remove all traces of former CC and CS installs, this to allow users with difficulties to install the software on a clean basis. This tool has not been designed for you to remove the software, but as it effectively does the second best job, besides setting-up the OS from scratch, we recommend using that tool also if a user simply wants to remove the software completly. As said, a simple uninstall either via the CC app or via the OS does the job fine and without hurt.


                      In no case you need to be logged in to uninstall software. You need to be signed in to run the software.


                      Well, I suppose Adobe is now will stay in heaven listenig to the nice songs of the angels and their harps.