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    How do I remove all adobe apps?


      Since I don't have the money anyway to pay for 'subscriptions' on Photoshop and such, I want to remove all applications from my pc. I would rather buy an OLD pc and use an OLD version than this new stuff that requires login, takes up all computer space, comes with unwanted add ons and is impossible to remove or even ask questions about to staff (since you have to select all kind of subjects that are not applicable, then are forwarded to only 'chat' as an option which is not really an option because they are closed).


      Because of this user unfriendliness I am completely done with it.


      But HOW HOW HOW HOW? (Sorry I am frustrated)


      When I click on REMOVE, another screen is opened with a list of installed applications and without the option of REMOVAl. Only option to update, 'buy now' or 'more info'. I suppose I have to install another UNINSTALL programma because Windows has made a deal with Photoshop to make it impossible to remove it? What the hell?