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    Save To/Batch Processing hanging issue

    Atomic Atom

      I am using Lightroom CC ver. 1.1 on my current model (late 2017) MacBook Pro. I have been trying to process my RAW files to jpegs and save them in the standard "Lightroom CC Saved Photos" folder. No matter how hard I try it always stops processing at 6 images when I'm doing a large or small group. I have reinstalled the software, restarted my computer, upped the amount of space LR is using on my computer, and to no avail. I switched to LR CC at the beginning of the year so I am relatively new to it coming from using Capture 1 for many years. I have seen the support advice suggesting that if you Option click the cloud in the top right corner it will bring up the list of things yet to process. When I do this it shows me a blank screen with no mention of anything pending. Can someone help me? I am going to try to revert to the ver. 1.01 because I had no issue processing in that version that I can remember. (Edit: I reverted to 1.01 and it slows tremendously after processing 6 images. It has since processed 9 total of the 46 at a rate of about 1 every 5 minutes.)