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    Problem with photoshop CS6 save as jpeg

    krisverstraete Level 1

      I have 2 versions of photoshop but I still use CS6.  I had te reinstall my Mac and now I have a problem.  I can't save a psd (with layers) as jpeg.  In the save options there is still a V in layers or in As a copy.  It saves every time as a copy when I want to save.  I can merge the layers to 1 and save then (then it works), but it has to be normal directly.


      So I want to save a layered psd directly to a jpeg (flatten).



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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the file has properties not supported in the jpeg format specification, Photoshop will save out a copy. The original file is still open, and so you get a prompt to save that, with all the data intact.


          This is the way it has to be. A few versions back, PS wouldn't even save out a jpeg at all, until the file complied completely with the jpeg specification (no layers, masks, 16 bit depth and so on).

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