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    Webservice fault information

      Hi All

      I am developing a Flex applcaiton which gets data from a webservice (created in .Net).

      When my webmethod throws an exception, my fault handler in my flex code is called and passed an argumnet of type FaultEvent. The only info I can get from the argument is this:
      faultCode = Server.Error.Request
      faultDetail = "Error: [IOErrorEventType = ioError" bubbles=false ....
      faultSting = "HTTP Error Request"

      I would like to get the actual exception details from the webservice. Also, I had expected that the type of event.faul would be SOAPFault and not just Fault.

      I am using Flex to generate action script classes for me based on the WSDL file of the webservice.

      What do I need to do to get proper error info in the fault handler ?

      best regards Stig Nielsson

      I would like to get the exception details. The