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    Photoshop 2018 does not work well with my Wacom tablet


      Olá, estou com problemas para usar a mesa digitalizadora (wacom) na versão mais atual do Photoshop (2018)... Algumas funções da mesa mudaram no PS. Isso está atrapalhando meu fluxo de trabalho pois sempre tenho que recorrer ao mouse! peço ajuda com relação a isso! lembrando que tudo estava funcionando perfeitamente bem com o Photoshop 2017.


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          There are many thread about Problems with Wacom Tablets and settings for Window and Mac machines.   There are system, Photoshop, and Wacom settings,  On Windows  you have a choice of Api to use.  Microsoft Ink API or WinTab Api.  Both Photoshop and Wacom must be configured to use the same API.   You also failed to give specifics of you problems some feature is not helpful.  We have no idea what is related or not all we know is you have some model Wacon Tablet, Adobe CC 2018 perhaps updated on a Windows PC or a Mac nothing about OS version or hardware.




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