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    Photoshop will not open


      I have been trying to open my photoshop app for hours, however, when i click on any method of getting the app open nothing happens. i have tried to restart my computer but there is no difference. I dont see anything wrong when i look into my account details such as activation error or whatever so i dont know whats wrong here help.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If you using windows start the task manager.  So you can see the running porocesses try to start Photoshop do you see it try to start in the task manager.   


          Also use the Windows reliability history viewer see it there are Photoshop crase reports.


          CC 2017 crash.jpg

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            ahmad al haj qasem Level 3


            if you use windows try one of these options

            1. right click>click "run as administrator".

            2.Open task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), click on File and click on New Task. In the textbox, type photoshop and then click ok

            It should start a new process. That process is basically the Photoshop process in which innitiates the program.

            3. When this happened to me it was due to PS not shutting down properly.

            Open Task Manager and click Processes tab.

            Scroll down looking for Photoshop.exe.

            You may find multiple entries. Select each and end process.

            Close Task Manager.

            Open Photoshop using your normal shortcut.


            3. you can check this article also Photoshop crashes with Lavasoft Chrome extension or Bins utility installed