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    Problem is back... LRC refuses to open RAW files as smart object in Photoshop since update of PS and LRC

    Design_59 Level 1

      This seems to be a re-occurring problem with Lightroom and wastes a lot of my time every time it happens. But yet again I have found myself unable to finish an urgent job as this morning LR has decided to ignore me every time I click 'Open as smart object in Photoshop...'. This was working fine last night, I made the mistake of updating my LR and PS this morning Now when I ctrl click the first image and select 'Open as smart object in Photoshop...'. Photoshop opens as expected, I wait.... I wait some more... and some more... eventually realising neither PS or LR are doing anything. So yet again I find myself at the end of a job I'm urgently trying to get out the door and my workflow is broken at the 11th hour!!!! Really don't understand why this still isn't fixed?! or keeps re-occurring everytime LR is updated by Adobe. Please please please please please please fix this properly Adobe. I have uninstalled and re-installed, I have checked the 'import RAW...' thing in file handling settings, and every other fix that is on your forum and none of them work this time?