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    포토샵 CC사용에 대해서 문의드립니다.


      포토샵 CC사용에 대해서 문의드립니다.

      저희는 사진관이고요. 일년치 정도로 끊어서 사용해야 된다고 그러던데 비용이 어떻게 되나요?

      PC 데스크탑 컴 한 개만 사용할 예정입니다. 가격하고 계약하는 방법 좀 답변 부탁드립니다.

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          DelphiZoa Adobe Community Professional

          Hi 스타픽쳐,


          The built-in language translator is having a hard time with your question. If I understand correctly, you're asking about the price for one year of Photoshop, is that correct?


          The least expensive way to buy Photoshop (in the U.S.A, anyway) is to purchase the Photography Plan, which costs $9.99 USD per month or $119.88 USD per year. I don't know prices in won, sorry (I'm assuming you're in Korea from the language). The purchase price for the Photography Plan includes the use of Photoshop and Lightroom plus 20GB of Cloud storage. That is actually half as expensive as buying Photoshop alone. In fact, the only reason to buy a single app license for Photoshop would be if you needed the extra features that come with it (portfolio website, fonts, etc.).


          A complete comparison of plans with pricing, presumably in your native currency, is available here: Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud. You may also want to contact Adobe sales to discuss options: Contact us | Adobe. In addition, since you mention you will be using the software on one computer, I will tell you that any Adobe app you purchase can be licensed on up to two computers at one time.


          If the information above doesn't answer your question, please reply to this discussion with more details about what you are looking for. We will then try to help.