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    CC will only work when logged in.

    tony-st Level 1

      I am using Creative CC, and I only use Lightroom and Photoshop with file locally and none online, my broadband is slow, 2 Mbs on a good day.

      I have a desktop I use for my work, and a laptop I take on location to copy file onto, sort and delete. When back home I transfers those to my main computer. Both are Windows 10.


      My problem is, that when not logged on, I am unable to use either program, which is frustrating. I understand that I should only have to log on once a month, but in my case, it is all the time.


      When going out I take the laptop, before I go I check it, log make sure it is updated, set you my folders, shut it down and go. Then when I go to upload some files the next day, I get a message that I have to log on, the applications do not open. This is fine if I am able to log on, but some placed I visit I do not have access.


      With my desktop, normally I have Creative Cloud CC load on start up, but as it is quite bandwidth hungry on start up, I sometime disable it when I wish to download something large.

      When I do this by logging out off Creative Cloud I am immediately unable to use Photoshop Cc or Lightroom.


      Is this normal, if not can anyone tell me why?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          after updating, don't shut down your laptop and don't close lr and don't close ps. you can use sleep mode.

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            tony-st Level 1

            Yes that is a work around for the laptop if I am going somewhere where I know I cannot get a connection. However in sleep mode a laptop uses power, and after 12 travelling I have known it to shut down logging me out because the battery is low.


            But that was not the point of the question, I should not have to do that, the understanding that Adobe gave me was that you only have to log on once a month to verify the payment, and it should run without being logged in until you need to confirm the next payment. If it did that, I would not have a problem.


            I have looked back at the message they sent me, and it reads:

            You don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time. Since the applications are directly downloaded to your system you will not need an ongoing Internet connection to use them on a daily basis.

            You need the internet while downloading and installing the software, and once you have installed, you will not need internet to work on,

            Internet Connection is only required once in a month to validate the payment and software.


            I will have to try Adobe again, and hope I can get some help, I hoped that someone else had the answer.

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