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    How to batch rename images in a folder, but not in serial as previously?

    Jackveer Level 1



      What I've?

      I've these 1000 images in a folder, named in serial as Image0001.jpg, Image0002.jpg, Image0003.jpg till Image Image1000.jpg


      What I want to do?

      1. I want to rename these files RANDOMLY.

      2. By randomly I mean to rename files by SHUFFLING them.

      3. Like, after I rename these files, they SHOULD NOT be placed in serial as they were before. Like, Image0001.jpg should be renamed something randomly like dsderds.jpg and Image0002.jpg should be renamed like anything like iigtkde.jpg, so that Image0001.jpg and Image0002.jpg which previously were side-by-side, now should be RANDOMLY away. And this action should do this RANDOM process on all 1000 images. So I want to shuffle and rename.


      I hope that you get the idea. Solution is much needed.


      Is it possible in Photoshop?