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    Understanding Smart Tag analysis


      I have recently started using Elements Organiser on a collection of about 25,000 photos. It performed the face recognition over about 2 days and always reported progress to completion on the Elements Organiser screen. Yesterday morning a system backup suddenly ground to a halt and a quick look at task manager showed a process to do with Smart Tags was the cause. I turned off Smart Tagging in Elements Organiser to get the backup done after which I turned it back on. I expected the Smart Tag process to restart but it did not appear to. This morning I was doing some work and the computer became sluggish. Once again it was Smart Tags.


      Does anyone know what triggers the Smart Tag analysis process to run? I know how to stop it in preferences but would like to be able to start it at a time that does not impact the usability of the computer. Based on the last two days it appears to start once a day around mid-morning. It would also be good to know how complete the analysis is of the collection I.e. am I 90% complete and have 10% to go.





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          arshla jindal Adobe Employee

          Hi Carole,


          You can refer to this link: Using Smart Tags in Elements Organizer


          Further, smart tag analysis works in background when your application is not in use.


          Request you to please provide the following information:

          1. Please mention your PSE version.

          2. Is thumbnailing in your catalog complete? Check for the spinner at bottom left corner of your screen.

          If it is spinning that means the thumbnailing is going on. If it is not spinning, that means it is complete.



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            carolep1234 Level 1

            Hi Arshla. Thanks for your reply.


            I am using PSE 18 and the thumbnails are complete.


            The system behaved much the same yesterday. Smart Tagging did not start at first but did after I opened and closed PSE Organiser. It was fully loading my CPU and appears to have a normal priority set for CPU resources. I reduced the priority and that made the PC usable for other tasks.


            Later on the Smart Tagging process had disappeared so I assume it had completed the large initial analysis of my collection.


            Hopefully when Smart Tagging runs again for additions to the collection it will remember the lower CPU priority setting and not make the PC temporarily unusable.


            Thanks for your help.