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    Photoshop Editing Technique Assistance


      queens room.jpg

      This is not my image - it's here to demonstrate the technique I want to achieve.


      I'm hoping to get some advice from any Photoshop experts knowledgeable in fine art photo editing.


      I'm trying to determine what editing technique was used to create the mood in this photo.

      My intention is to apply a similar effect to a staged photography project I'm working on - not to copy the artists' work.

      I believe there's an application of a matte effect but am not sure.  Also, if that's the case, is there anything else that's been done to create such beautiful texture and mood. There also appears to be color muting, haze, dust and light beams.

      It's very subtle but also very effective.

      From what I can glean they've been shot with Canon EOS 6D and a 16-35mm lens for 6 seconds at f/8 at ISO 100 using the Adobe RGB color space.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's probably done with two or three exposures, skillfully blended. A "straight" shot in a situation like this would give you a black room and an overexposed, blown out window.


          IOW, this is what HDR could look like, when you take the time to do it manually, instead of relying on the automatic algorithms to produce the usual horrible, over-processed, movie-poster look. God, I hate HDR...


          But this - this is beautifully done.

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            Ares Hovhannesyan Adobe Community Professional

            I can suggest to use Lighting Effects in Filler Render gallery. You can use combination of lights for achieve such a nice effect. also there is presets that you can use and play with the setting for each light.

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              mhogan2000 Level 1

              Thank you D Fosse. I appreciate your response.  I'll try what you're suggesting - and that would help with the dynamic range issues.

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                mhogan2000 Level 1

                Hi Ares,

                Thanks for taking the time to reply.  That's a very interesting suggestion.  I have yet to play with the filter render lighting effects in PS.

                I can see how that might help because it appears there is a soft diffused and hazy light over the entire image in addition to the light coming in through the window.

                Much appreciated - I look forward to experimenting with that filter.

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  Steve Caplin has a Night for Day tutorial on Lynda.com, but it is an exterior short.  Lynda is by subscription, but has a trial period that would let you view it.


                  Digital Painting in Photoshop: Day for Night


                  I don't think it would be an easy task without having the right source image, and that means only one light source (window) or it gets complicated.  By way of an example, this image has a nicely placed window on the left, but that open door screws things up

                  A single masked curves layer gets us to here in about thirty seconds

                  I made a selection that roughly followed where the light would fall, and filled it with black, then feathered the layer mask in mask properties.  But you can see how the open door at the back of the rook stuffs it up.

                  There are too many techniques involved to be able to cover in a forum post, but if you Google 'Photoshop day for night' you'll find plenty of tutorials I'm sure.

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                    mhogan2000 Level 1

                    Hi Trevor.

                    Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate your idea - I see what you're doing - a very interesting approach.

                    I like the idea of feathering a curves mask - very cool!

                    I'll see if that helps.


                    Thanks again.