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    Indesign CC 2018 very slow

    psis91750704 Level 1

      Hi srishtib8795206 and have a happy new year 2018!!

      i've installer indesign cc2018 and the problem is still here.

      is it possible to have a solution because it's very difficult to work in these conditions.

      windows 10 and user connected in domain LDAP

      Thanks a lot

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          srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

          Hi psis,


          As mentioned in the last discussion does 2018 also works fine on Local admin account?




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            hi, srishtib8795206,


            I have exactly same problem here with indesign 2018CC under WIN10. Using local user works fine while domain user experiences delay on opening and editing network files.


            After resetting the domain user profile, it worked without delays for half an hour and then the issue reappeared.





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              I had the same problem 30 minutes ago.


              My NEW problem is that I can't open ANY FILE.


              I'm a macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 user


              I have a due date in 1 hour PLEASE HELP!

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                psis91750704 Level 1

                Hi, i see that i'm not alone with this problem. But we've no answer from adobe and i don't understand why.

                Please, adobe, help us.


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                  Bill Silbert Adobe Community Professional

                  For many slow performance for CC 2018 has been the result of having "Import previous settings and preferences" checked (it is the default) in the Advanced Options that appear during the install. To read more about this and what to do to fix it please see this post from the InDesign FAQ: CC 2018 InDesign—Don't Import previous settings and preferences .

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                    jürgene39880032 Level 1

                    We experienced the same problems with Indesign in all CC versions - after a while the spinning beach ball took over - and I think I found both the reason and the solution:


                    The slow performance only happened at our iMacs with Fusion Drives. We usually buy iMacs in the lowest configuration (1 TB Fusion Drive + 8 GB RAM) and upgrade the RAM ourselves to 32+ GB... however, there is a reason, why Apple doesn't allow this configuration in their own web shop: the 1 TB Fusion drive only has 32 GB SSD. When this 32 GB space is full, the performance goes down rapidly... Blackmagic Disk Speed Test demonstrates this nicely after the 2nd or 3rd run.


                    So, my guess was that Indesign can't cope with the speed differences of the Fusion drive. I ordered an external SSD drive, shifted the whole OS on that drive and boot from it now. The result: no spinning ball in Indesign, full performance even with huge documents.

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                      srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

                      Hi Jürgen,


                      Thanks for sharing your observations. It will help others too.




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                        Bill Silbert Adobe Community Professional

                        I'm not sure that this is an absolute thing about iMacs with Fusion drives having difficulty running InDesign CC. My home machine is a late 2015 iMac with a fusion drive and only 16 gb of ram and I've had no speed problems running any of the CC versions. In my experience slow performance can more often be traced to network issues or even third party plug-ins. I wouldn't blanketly say that the problems you've faced will happen to all users with fusion drives.

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                          jürgene39880032 Level 1

                          Bill, thank you for your information, that actually supports my theory as 16 GB RAM are less than the 32 GB SSD partition in your fusion drive.


                          According to this article (sorry, in German) the current 1 TB fusion drive only has 32 GB SSD - in the 2 and 3 TB fusion drive and also in the older 1 TB fusion drives (before 2015) there are/were 128 GB SSD. Apparently, Apple even states in some small print somewhere:


                          "iMac Systems with 32 GB RAM and more should only be configured with a fusion drive of 2 TB or more or with a SSD drive."


                          As I lack the opportunity, I would like to invite the community to test different configurations when the spinning ball appears:

                          • does the problem still occur after downsizing the RAM to 24, 16 or even 8 GB?
                          • does it happen on 2 or 3 TB drives or older (pre 2015) 1 TB fusion drives?
                          • will the spinning wheel be back after booting from an internal or external SSD-only drive? (Reliable drives start at only 100 EUR/USD but provide a significant performance boost to the Mac, not just with Indesign...)


                          I also read Adobes answers to the problem blaming slow network speeds but in my opinion this will not be the case in most professional surroundings. If you monitor network performances with Apple Activity Monitor you will not find any excessive network activity while using Indesign (although there might be a bottleneck with all these weird home calls to Adobe Creative Cloud - I tried to turn them all off in CC settings...). And it would not explain the spinning wheel after just clicking in a text field or moving a picture in indesign by a few millimetres...

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                            SPLJD Level 1

                            Just to add to Jürgen's theories regarding the Fusion drive, we've experienced very slow performance in InDesign from two brand new 27-inch iMacs that have 1TB (32GB SSD) Fusion drives and 32GB RAM. On an older machine (with the 1TB Fusion drive that has 128GB SSD) and only 8GB RAM, there is no problem at all in InDesign.


                            We're going to try swapping out the 1TB Fusions for the 2TB version, which still have the 128GB SSD, to try to avoid more beach-balling.

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                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              SSDs are now relatively cheap. You can buy a 1TB for less than $200.


                              Here’s a Samsung for $167.00 https://amzn.to/2EfTt1B

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                                SPLJD Level 1

                                Thanks, Bob,


                                Unfortunately our Macs are leased, so we're not allowed to prise them open.


                                Our local Mac store wants £1000 (per machine) to swap out the 1TB Fusion drives for the 2TB version!


                                Not sure if the 2019 version of InDesign behaves any better with the iMacs as there are now so many other issues to deal with; the randomly disappearing control panel is driving us nuts, and it's probably best to not mention the scale tool in Photoshop…

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                                  aennie Level 1

                                  hello and ...no, unfortunately CC2019 is not working any better!


                                  CC2018 worked perfectly on my macbook pro late 2017 and since the update last friday I cannot work without a rotating lollypop!


                                  I often have to wait minutes until I can work on. I hope they will fix this soon.


                                  PS: there is a fix for the transformation tool in photoshop. this is driving so many people mad. but this hack helps and works fine:


                                  (please look also for the english version „what‘s new in photoshop CC“... I cannot do it on my mobile - so here is the German text)


                                  Wie kann ich das neue Verhalten für die standardmäßige proportionale Skalierung bei der Umwandlung von Ebenen ausschalten?


                                  Gehen Sie wie folgt vor, um das alte Umwandlungsverhalten wiederherzustellen:

                                  1. Verwenden Sie Notepad (Windows) oder einen Texteditor unter Mac, um eine reine Textdatei (.txt) zu erstellen.
                                  2. Geben Sie den nachstehenden Text in die Textdatei ein:

                                    TransformProportionalScale 0

                                  3. Speichern Sie die Datei als „PSUserConfig.txt“ in Ihrem Photoshop-Ordner für Einstellungen ab:
                                    • Windows: [Installationslaufwerk]:\Benutzer\[Benutzername]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Einstellungen\
                                    • macOS: //Benutzer/[Benutzername]/Bibliothek/Voreinstellungen/Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Einstellungen/


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                                    SPLJD Level 1

                                    Thanks, aennie,


                                    The Photoshop transform tool 'fix' worked; you may well have saved my sanity today!


                                    Now if the boffins at Adobe could just come up with a fix for the disappearing InDesign control panel, our little studio might be able to return to some form of productivity! I know the advice is currently to revert back to CC 2018, but that version didn't seem to want to play nicely with our Fusion drives (CC 2019 seems a bit more friendly), so it's a flat choice of Rock or Hard Place for now.

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                                      Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      A fix is on the way very soon, according to the engineers. In the meantime, you can always use InDesign CC 2018.1.

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