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    My Raw Files Keep Getting Lost Or Transferred Even Though It Is Still In Original Drive. Help Please?

    Bernard Photojournals



      Any Lightroom experts can help me with how LR seems to mess up my file locations even though they still in the original drive? Let me share in detail my experience....

      Today LR decided the 28k raw(about 2Tb worth) files I shot in 2nd half of 2017 (including 2018) is in my E drive(64Gb flash drive that obviously cannot store that many files) instead of my F drive(4TB external). The older files from first half of 2017 were untouched, The amazing thing is that my E is not always connected to the computer & is too small but this morning E was connected & F wasn’t when I powered up ..... and now LR decided to “change the location”. When I click on files in the E drive they all have an ! mark and says “The folder could not be found”. I can still see all these files in my F drive when I open it, which means somehow LR got confused.

      Please help? Thanks in advance.