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    Character Animator Live Output through Blackmagic

    Birdz28 Level 1

      Hello, I am using Character Animator 1.1.1 on a Late 2013 iMac running Sierra 10.12.6.  I am attempting to use the live output of Character Animator and run it out of the Thunderbolt connector into a Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Monitor (OR Ultrastudio Express, I've been trying both) and then into the Blackmagic TV Studio Switcher.  I cannot get the live output to work through the Blackmagic selection on the Live Output preference screen.  I can alt-tab over to Blackmagic media express and that will output a signal without changing anything so at least I know the Mini Monitor and the connection are working properly.  I then go back to Character Animator and nothing.  Any thoughts on how I can get this to work?  Am I missing something super simple here?

      Thank you for your help!



      Jay B.