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    Adobe Hangs on second instance




      I'm having an issue with one of my users. He's got the latest version of Adobe Acrobat DC installed on Windows 10.

      When opening a PDF from any location, the first one opens fine. However, when he double clicks to open a second PDF file, it hangs for at least 2-3 minutes before finally opening.


      Some of the things i've tried:

      -It doesn't matter what PDF files you open. If Acrobat is already running, the second one always hangs.

      -When you open the second PDF, a second instance of the Acrobat.exe process launches in Task Manager.

      -If you open a PDF file, then use File > Open from the Acrobat menu, the second PDF opens fine. The issue only occurs when double-clicking from Explorer/email.

      -Doesn't matter if the PDF files are local or network.

      -I've tried turning on/off the option for loading multiple PDF's as tabs in the same window. Makes no difference.

      -I've tried turning on/off the 'Protected View' setting and 'Enable Enhanced Security' options. Makes no difference.

      -I've tried deleting the C:\users\[username]\appdata\local\adobe, C:\users\[username]\appdata\locallow\adobe, and C:\users\[username]\appdata\roaming\adobe folders and deleting the HKCU\Software\Adobe subkey. Made no difference.

      -I've tried killing off all the background Adobe processes. No difference.

      -I've run repair several times.


      What i've noticed when launching PDF files. On the first launch. Acrobat launched one process in task manager. When opening the second PDF, a second instance of Acrobat is launched. If you wait for a few minutes, the second process disappears and the second PDF opens within the same Window/process of the first PDF.


      Now here is the weird part:

      So I click Start > Switch User. Login as a different user (while still having the problematic user logged in).

      I do nothing other than open 2 PDF files. They open fine with multiple PDF's open at once. I log out. Switch back to the problematic user's login.

      PDF's now open fine for the problematic user and he's fine for the rest of the day.


      Upon reboot the next morning, the same issue returns. I log in as another user again, switch back to the first user and again, the problem goes away.

      So as a work around, every morning I have to login as another user then log out and switch back to the first user so that he can work correctly.



      I would love to hear if anyone can find a solution for this issue. (I'm guessing it's something in this users profile causing the issue, but he's a director and I really don't want to recreate his Windows profile as a last resort, as it's bound to cause other issues.


      Many Thanks,