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    Missing workspace window PS7


      Win10, PS7, Lenovo 720 desktop  (4 months old). When I installed PS7 on my new Lenovo,  it worked normally, but after 2 months it began to omit the workspace window on startup once or twice a week (I used it daily). It gradually got worse. I reloaded PS7, and it helped, but then it relapsed. Every time I reloaded PS7 it got worse. After reloading today, the workspace window seems to be lost permanently.


      I discovered that if I clicked a saved image when there was no workspace window (of course it would not appear – there was no window for it to appear in!)  I could jump to ImageReady and the image would appear normally. But the reverse doesn’t work – I can’t bring the image from InageReady back to basic PS7.

      There were a couple Lenovo updates during the 4 months, but I don't know it they were involved.


      Thanks for any help.