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    PS CC -- popup dialog boxes are blank

    John Blaustein Level 4



      I have just recently installed the PS update to PSCC 19.0 Release.  I have noticed an odd behavior: when I point my cursor to any of the tools, a blank white box pops up.  In addition, if I click the search icon in the upper right corner, a large blank white box opens instead of the search interface.  This happens with or without an image open.


      Here are two screenshots:


      Screenshot 2018-01-15 18.49.26.png

      Screenshot 2018-01-15 18.49.57.png

      My system is an old Dell Latitude notebook running Windows 10 Home x64.  It's got an SSD C: drive with plenty of space, i7-2620M, 8GB RAM.


      In PS Preferences>Performance, Use Graphics Processor is unchecked.  In fact, it's grayed out, not an option.  Cache Levels: 4.  Cache Tile Size: 128K.


      The previous version of PSCC did not have this issue on this laptop.


      Anyone have any idea what's causing this, and how to fix it?


      Thank you.