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    Background and foreground moving with puppet.


      I am working on a project with a live radio show. I need some information on how to keep my background and foreground from bobbing around with my puppet. The problem is intermittent. Sometimes it works fine, other times the desk bobs around, or sometimes the background bobs around. I read in another thread that it would be easier for program to process if i kill the live feed and add everything in post (AE), which is fine, but i would like it to be live if possible like it should work. Any help would be appreciated.


      Mac OS High Seria (10.13.2 )

      MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)

      3.1 GHz Intel Core i7

      16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

      Radeon Pro 560 4 GB

      Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB